Champagne Socialist of the Month

Welcome to the Champagne Socialism awards or “Phonies”, the premier, and only, organization celebrating the self-righteous!

Competition for these gongs is fierce, with pious politicians and sanctimonious celebrities everywhere fastidiously nurturing their bien-pensant credentials. However, only the canniest of limousine Leninists can conspire to leave the chattering classes completely in thrall to their intellectual and moral superiority, and in so do doing receive one of our coveted accolades.

Candidates will be judged on their levels of hypocrisy, authoritarianism and their propensity to use emotional and popular appeals to further their cause. Those who are wont to slander their opposition as “fascists” and “Nazis”, without irony, will be looked on especially favourably.

If you wish to nominate an individual or organization for an award please use the comments section below. The Judge’s decision is final.

[NB. Due to a lack of funding refreshments will not be served during awards ceremonies. However, guests will be permitted to eat cake!]

Here is a list of previous Winners:

March 2013: Dr Evan Harris and Hacked Off

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