Martin Bashir “Resigns”: the Serpent of Political Correctness Nibbles its Own (Shitty) Tail

I had wondered where Martin Bashir had disappeared to, remember the Michael Jackson documentary? Anyway, it turns out that he had been, until yesterday, plying his trade as a news-anchor for MSNBC.

MSNBC recently re-launched its website under the slogan, “What progressives have been waiting for” –God help us! -and so it turns out that that great progressive innovation, political correctness, has claimed a casualty in Mr Bashir.

Bashir has “resigned” following this rather amusing rant against Sarah Palin:

In a statement -they always make a “statement” don’t they? – Bashir said, “I deeply regret what was said”: I’ll bet he does, those American news corporations probably pay better than Auntie Beeb ever did! Fox news described Bashirs diatribe as “a scathing personal attack”, which just goes to show what a bunch of pantywaist, milquetoast, nancy-people these media types have become; that’s not a scathing attack, this is a scathing attack:

But meanwhile, for as long as your reverend paternity will be determined to tell these shameless lies, others will be permitted, on behalf of his English majesty, to throw back into your paternity’s shitty mouth, truly the shit-pool of all shit, all the muck and shit which your damnable rottenness has vomited up, and to empty out all the sewers and privies onto your crown divested of the dignity of the priestly crown, against which no less than against the kingly crown you have determined to play the buffoon.

In your sense of fairness, honest reader, you will forgive me that the utterly filthy words of this scoundrel have forced me to answer such things, for which I should have begged your leave. Now I consider truer than truth that saying: ‘He who touches pitch will be wholly defiled by it’ (Sirach 13:1). For I am ashamed even of this necessity, that while I clean out the fellow’s shit-filled mouth I see my own fingers covered with shit.”

Those are the writings of none other than Saint Thomas More, then Henry VIIIs Lord Chancellor. The target of his ire, the “heretic” Martin Luther. So, I say, if the patron saint of politicians and statesmen saw fit to lend his rhetoric a scatological flavour then we shouldn’t be sacking newsreaders for doing the same.

And anyone who disagrees? You know what you can go and do!


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