Stephen Fry – Dinner Party Democrat!

British “National treasure”, Norwich City mega fan and used-to-be-funny man Stephen Fry was widely praised last week for his letter to the IOC demanding a boycott of the Sochi Winter Olympics, in the name of gay-rights.

Unfortunately, the Fry missive – which, let’s be honest, is nothing more than a boring, long-winded case of argumentum ad Hitlerum – betrays his lack of understanding of the very principle he purports to uphold, namely democracy!

Fry claims to be writing on behalf of “millions of Russians”, and:

those not in the grip of that toxic mix of shaven headed thuggery and bigoted religion, those who are agonised by the rolling back of democracy [my emphasis] and the formation of a new autocracy in the motherland that has suffered so much.

Contrary to Mr Fry’s conceited belief that he is championing the democratic cause of the Russian people a recent Pew research survey shows that 74% of Russians answered “No” to the question, “Should society accept homosexuality?” If it’s democracy – rule of the people – that Fry wants then he should be writing a letter of praise to Vladimir Putin for doing the will of the people by prohibiting “gay propaganda”?

For “Liberals” like Stephen Fry the term “Democracy” connotes, “What I and my homogeneous clique of chums deem to be correct”.  These dinner party democrats invariably have no idea of, or assiduously ignore, the attitudes of foreigners which do not conform to their ideals. This is odd, as they are the very same people who just can’t get enough “diversity” ,as they call it, as long as it’s not around their dinner table (or even in their county) of course!

Soupy Twist!


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