Heseltine’s Little European Argument: Ze Germans are Evil!

Isn’t it strange that people who support national self-determination and free trade in Europe are labelled bigots and “Little-Englanders”, whilst the Euro-integrationists rest their case on anachronistic prejudices?

Michael Heseltine’s odd little paean to the necessity of EU integration, Britain must take the lead in Europe, not decline outside, offers us a false dichotomy in its title: why cannot Britain “take the lead” from outside the EU? It is the EU which demands “harmonization” and in doing so it sucks the economic life from its members.

Then the subtitle serves up the vacuous truth, “Isolation would make us weaker and poorer”. Quite, but nobody, not even the evil UKIP, is advocating isolation – Legal autonomy and a free trade deal would be nice though- And we haven’t even reached the main body of text yet. So, as usual, one needn’t be a master debater to see that the pro-EU case is reliant upon transparent fallacies.

Heseltine then rambles through a potted history of the EEC, inadvertently illustrating what a shambolic mess it has always been, before delivering the knockout blow:

“Britain would not only lose out economically from leaving the union. We would also suffer geopolitically. Do we really think that there is any historic justification for standing back while an ever more powerful Germany dominates Europe on our doorstep?”

And there we have it Gentlemen and Ladies: The reason for Britain’s membership of the EU is to keep the Hun in check. Because, without spending billions of pounds every year subsidising continental farms and fisheries, those Jackbooted Gerries might start getting ideas above their station.

Of course that kind of fear mongering nonsense will keep coming thick – very thick – and fast while the popularity of Nigel Farage continues to grow. And secessionists will continue to be labelled as racists, bigots and isolationists. But that deplorable, racist fruitcake Nigel Farage is married to a German whereas Little Europeans like Heseltine are married to the idea that the Germans are out to get us. They are the bigots. They are yesterday’s men.

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