Happy International Women’s Day One and All!

On such an auspicious occasion we should celebrate Women’s right to be every bit as ignorant ,and incapable of individual thought, as their men-folk!

The inaugural International Women’s day took place on 28th February 1909 after the now defunct Socialist  Party of America named the day in honour of the of the 1908 garment workers’ strike in New York.

Later the day was officially adopted in revolutionary Communist  countries. The date of March 8th was adopted in the 1930’s in Russia. The text of this Soviet poster from 1932 reads, “8th of March is the day of rebellion of the working women against kitchen slavery” and “Down with the oppression and narrow-mindedness of household work!”. Because nothing says women’s lib’ like a day of demagogic Commie agitating. After all, who’ll do all the back breaking toil in the fields when all the men have been sent to the gulag and the crops have failed yet again?

1932 Soviet Poster Celebrating Women's Day

1932 Soviet Poster Celebrating Women’s Day

Workers of the World Unite! Especially the Ladies.

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