Ming the Merciless

During last night’s Question Time, while discussing the subject of defence cuts and army redundancies, Sir Walter Menzies “Ming” Campbell, CBE, QC, MP inadvertently revealed his faith in the elite.

In his rambling response to the question, “Do you agree with the cuts to the military” the former Lib-Dem leader replied; “the first obligation of any Government is to protect and defend its citizens”: Whose Citizens? He recapitulated seconds later by proclaiming, “Our first obligation is the defence of our citizens.” Where do you keep these Citizens of yours Ming?

I didn’t realize the government had any citizens?

You may think that this is a hyper-sensitive response to a benign sentiment. Well, it isn’t: The very reason for the existence of the Commons is as opposition to Aristocratic rule – rule of the “best” – in favour of Democracy – rule by the people. Now, I’m no fan of unfettered Democracy, it is, after all, simply the tyranny of the majority; a system whereby vested interests brazenly vote themselves the largesse and favours of others. However, if we are to achieve anything close to representative government, it would behove us to elect representatives who consider themselves Citizens too, lest we end up like the planet Mongo!

MIng  - British MP

Ming – British MP and Former Lib-Dem Leader

Ming - Dictator of the Planet Mongo

Ming – Erstwhile dictator of the Planet Mongo


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