Milking It

There used to be a video shop near us, no one shed a tear when it closed…

These days we get our cinematic entertainment in more efficient and varied ways than toddling down to the ‘video shop’ to rent a grainy VHS version of the latest film, (I refuse to use the term ‘movie’ as a matter of principle). Be it Netflix, or just good old-fashioned internet piracy, we needn’t bother with the hassle of paying fines for overdue rental returns, or put up with the dearth of choice which the ‘traditional’ video rental market offered.

If a business cannot compete it will close; if supply exceeds demand prices will fall. Do any of us, apart from the GreenPeace luddites, hanker for the days of the blacksmith and the chandler? I’ll get my steel from TATA and my lighting from General Electric thank-you-very-much. Bucolic penury is so the century before last!

So, can anyone tell me why milk is an exception to the rule?

Could it be that Farmers For Action (FFA) represent organized, vested interests who’re as anti-competition as most other unions?

Bring on  the whale milk, I say !


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