Kony 2012: Invisible Children, Invisible Results

The naive, ‘viral’ video campaign for the arrest of Joseph Kony is an illustration of the dearth of understanding of why Africa is still the Dark Continent.

Encouraging vacuous celebrities such as Sean “diddy” Coombs and Angelina Jolie to express their “hatred” for an African Warlord through the medium of Twitter will have absolutely no positive effect on the lives of Africans. Stunts like this are straight out the mould of Live Aid and are nothing more than a salve for a guilty Western conscience, a conscience which really shouldn’t be guilty at all.

The Invisible Children charity donates a mere 37% of its revenue to Aid programs with the rest spent on overheads. Presumably the cost of making half hour infomercials isn’t cheap? The actual amount donated by Invisible Children last year was a trifling $3.3 million dollars. I reckon that’s about the cost of one of Sean Coombs tasteless necklaces?!

If anyone was remotely serious about improving the lot of Africans they would begin by demanding an end to the European Union’s market distorting agricultural policies which punish the third world. But instead we tack a “fair trade” logo on our coffee and suddenly everything is hunky-dory! Secondly, cash aid to Africa should cease because it doesn’t work. Trade, commerce and independence will improve the lives of Africans, not short-sighted aid programs which do nothing in the long-term besides giving succour to dictators and maintaining the status quo in which men like Joseph Kony thrive.

The Ghanaian economist George Ayittey and the Zambian economist Dambisa Moyo highlight the detrimental effects of the aid culture on Africa’s fortunes:


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