Monthly Archives: February 2012

The Queens Dishonesty

As “defender of the Faith” the Queen would be neglecting her duty if she spoke ill of the established Church. But in her latest defence of “faith” she resorts to bald-faced lies, special pleading and appears to have forgotten the First Commandment too!

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Top Totty Falls Foul of Repressive Red

Kate Green MP gave her politically correct credentials a boost today by demanding the withdrawal of the ale Top Totty from the Commons bar, on the grounds that its name and associated imagery “demeans women”. I hope they’ve cancelled that case of Blue Nun!

Apparently it was an issue of “dignity at work” for Kate Green that the beer be removed from sale. Allegedly she was “disturbed” by the offending ale’s pump plate: Why is it that so called “progressives” manage to make Mary Whitehouse appear as if she wouldn’t have been out of place in one of Caligula’s orgies?

This image was too much for Kate Green, poor thing!

Peter Hitchens, What Have You Been Smoking?

Peter Hitchens’ views are so unpopular among the chattering classes that he deserves to be listened to; the effortless way he riles Question Time audiences packed with right-on know-nothings warms the cockles of the heart. But how he manages to be so wrong, so often, about drugs and drug laws is a feat in itself, and a subject which transforms him from the consummate debater into frothing mad man.

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