Anarchy in the UK?

How does one get called an anarchist in Britain in 2011? By marching with statist unions in favour of a protected bureaucracy, a gargantuan welfare budget and an untenable national debt of course!

After mob vandalism erupted around the fringes of the Trade Union Congress’ (TUC) organized March for the Alternative, two allegedly conservative newspapers, the Telegraph and the Daily Mail, took the view that the extreme left-wing rioters who ran amok through the City of London were anarchists.  However, anarchy is a political philosophy which calls for the abolition of government and advocates societal organization predicated upon voluntary cooperation. This is the polar opposite of the desires of the black-bloc who saw fit to smash banks, attack police and vandalize public property at the weekend.

So pro-government were the main body of protesters that they were addressed by the Labour leader Ed Miliband in Hyde park, who referred to them as “the mainstream majority”, ad-nauseum. The quixotic Mr Miliband threw around arrogant allusions to the suffragettes and the anti-apartheid movement, and even chose to invoke Martin Luther-King in his pep-talk to the mass of government paid malcontents and union agitators who gathered to demand that they continue to be propped up by private sector taxes. It seems that noone told Mr Miliband that this was supposed to be a “march for the alternative”, because there was a conspicuous lack of alternative on offer in his pandering, sycophantic sermon.

Perhaps the strangest aspect of this “anti-cuts” protest is that there hasn’t been a cut in government spending , nor will there be under the current coalition. Public spending is set to continue rising despite UK growth forecasts being revised down to 1.7%, from 2.1% for 2011. 

UK Government spending is to continue rising

Of course the real reason for the “protests” is open, unadulterated class-warfare, wrapped in a cloak of hardcore Keynesianism. This is evident in the March for the Alternative website which suggests,

“an alternative in which rich individuals and big companies have to pay all their tax, that the banks pay a Robin Hood tax and on [sic] in which we strain every sinew to create jobs and boost the sustainable economic growth that will generate the prosperity which is the only long term way to close the deficit and reduce the nation’s debt.”

That’s right folks, the TUC’s grand economic plan is to hobble Britain’s largest industry through punitive taxation, in order to spend the revenue on more public-sector jobs, thus increasing the strain on the already overstretched productive economy; all  of it presented in the most unlettered fashion.

March on!


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